The Book of Fête: Chapter Four

The Book of Fête: Chapter Four

Fri May 25 8:30 PM

State Library Victoria
Code FT-6
General Admission
210 Mins
Fri May 25

Shake free of those weighty shackles of traditional communication and party in an atmosphere of sublime hush. Melbourne Writers Festival, The Boon Companions and State Library Victoria invite you to sign a vow of silence upon entry to the iconic library and then express yourself as vividly as possible, by immersing yourself in art, live music and interactive performances.

Fill the silence with live music from blazing pop and disco sextet Sugar Fed Leopards, multi-genre mini orchestra Tek Tek Ensemble and headbanging bedroom bandits Toga Rock. With a still-life drawing lesson featuring silent statue and all-round ethereal goddess Kate Miller-Heidke, let the magic of sight, smell and touch guide your senses as you liberate your inner biblio-bohemian spirit.

Dress code: Boheme
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Melbourne Writers Festival is delighted to announce a new series of soirées, The Book of Fête.

Partnering with immersive theatre-makers and local art collective The Boon Companions, we will present a series of monthly affairs, each with a new theme, new location, and new array of secret special guests. Limited tickets will be available to these nights of music, dancing, spoken word and sartorial elegance. Subscribe to MWF eNews to hear about the next party!

The Book of Fête
$45.00( + )

Please note: fees of up to 1.7% apply for credit card sales

Fri May 25

State Library Victoria

328 Swanston Street Melbourne, Victoria, 3000