5 Pack

You are purchasing a 5 Pack for the 2017 Melbourne Writers Festival. The 2017 Melbourne Writers Festival will take place from the 25 August to the 3 September 2017. Passes for the 2017 Festival will be able to be redeemed when the program launches in July 2017.


The 5 Pack provides access for one person to five (5) standard Festival events and represents a 15% discount. You can also book one bonus weekday session, absolutely free!

You can use this pass yourself, or give it to someone as a gift. You (or the person that you give it to) will be able to use this pass to redeem 5 standard tickets, using the Pass Number provided on the receipt. 


  • The pass will be eligible for one (1) ticket per standard session only (those priced $22/$19). 
  • The pass excludes special events (events not priced $22/$19).
  • Tickets must be pre-booked to the pass to guarantee a seat. Passes cannot be refunded if not redeemed.
  • This is an electronic pass. You will receive a ticket for each session redeemed via email

Each pass you buy will generate a unique 7-digit serial number (found on the receipt). Keep this number close to your heart (or pocket). Redeeming onto your pass is completely free! No additional costs apply once the pass has been purchased. And don't forget to bring your tickets with you when you attend the Festival.

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5 Pack Concession
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