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Digital Drive

Saturday 24 August 2013 at 10.00 am

Digital Drive

Alison Croggon, Annabel Smith, Antony Loewenstein, Ben Pobjie, Clementine Ford, Connor Tomas O'Brien, Darrell Pitt, Luke Buckmaster, Mark Welker, Sam Twyford-Moore, Sarah Wendell, Sophie Black

The morning sessions are all about developing your writing in the digital space and features writers Annabel SmithDarrell PittLady MelbournePaul Verhoeven and Mark Welker.

10am: Words Beyond the Page with Antony Loewenstein and Annabel Smith 
What are the opportunities available to writers in the digital space? How are writers thinking about working online and what things are possible? An introductory, inspirational discussion about how these writers work in the digital space.
11am: Publishing Online: books, blogs and beyond with Darrell Pitt and Lady Melbourne 
The ins and outs of blogging, self publishing ebooks and otherwise publishing your own work online. What are the best ways to approach it? What platforms are available, and how to succeed in a crowded online marketplace.
12pm: More than Words: podcasting and v-logging with Paul Verhoeven and Mark Welker 
Why make a podcast or V-log? What are the best ways to approach it, what platforms are available, and how to succeed in a crowded marketplace.

Proudly supported by Wattpad

The afternoon program shows how can take your writing from the screen to the world. Join Connor Tomas O’BrienVanessa HughesClementine FordBen PobjieSarah WendellLuke BuckmasterAlison Croggon and Sophie Black to see how you can build a successful career online.

2pm: The Medium or the Message with Vanessa Hughes and Connor Tomas O’Brien 
What are the challenges and opportunities of writing for different platforms?
3pm: Freelancing for online publications with Ben Pobjie and Clementine Ford 
Writing for other people online - and getting paid for it. How to find publications, how to pitch, and online journalism.
4pm: Audience development: how to find and keep an audience with Sarah Wendell and Luke Buckmaster 
Writing online is all well and good but how do you get people to read your work? These authors are pros at audience development - reaching out on social media and driving traffic to your work.
5pm: Being a part of the conversation: how do we talk about digital? with Alison Croggon and Sophie Black 
The internet is a social place and it’s new. How do we critique work online? Dealing with commenters, reviews, trolls and social media.

Digital Drive is presented with the Emerging Writers' Festival

Venue: The Wheeler Centre - Perf. Space
Code: 7301
Duration: 480 mins

Saturday 24 August 2013 at 10.00 am
Morning only - Full$60.00
Morning only - Concession$50.00
Afternoon only - Full$60.00
Afternoon only - Concession$50.00
All Day - Full$100.00
All Day - Concession$90.00

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