Robert Dessaix: The Time of Our Lives
Robert Dessaix: The Time of Our Lives poster image

Robert Dessaix: The Time of Our Lives

Wed Oct 7 6:30 PM

60 Mins
Wed Oct 7

‘I thought to myself…without death there is no meaning. Without time nothing is of any consequence. Time allows hope. Time makes us feel intensely alive.’

Master of wit and profundity Robert Dessaix is fixated on unravelling life’s big questions – from what we do in our spare time to how we continue to live in an increasingly difficult world.

In his peripatetic tenth book The Time of Our LivesDessaix delves into the intricacies of growing older well – simultaneously grappling with travel, identity, and an inescapable sense of mortality. In his first interview discussing The Time of our Lives, Dessaix sits down with Andrea Goldsmith to reflect on feeling richer than he ever has before and the many possibilities of old age.

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